Halt on Wealth Test (Public Charge Rule) Via Supreme Court Against Trump

Halt on Wealth Test (Public Charge Rule) Via Supreme Court Against Trump

The Trump administration, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, issued a wealth test on those pursuing citizenship in the United States. That is to say, if you were an individual who was attempting to obtain a green card, citizenship or a visa if it was predicted by the government that you might one day require the use of public health benefits (food stamps, unemployment, etc.) based on a multitude of factors, (age, family, health, wealth, education, income, etc), then you would be more readily denied legal immigration into the United States. This also applies to immigrants who have already received such benefits.

We can see quite readily why this is an issue: many people come to the United States in order to create wealth –most are not leaving where they are from because they are wealthy.

Recently, the supreme court defied President Trump once again. They have put a halt on the wealth test for immigrants. The reasoning behind this halt is due to the fact that judges believe that such a wealth test will inevitably prevent a large number of people from immigrating into the United States. Of this large number of people, the supreme court reasoned, many would be discouraged from seeking medical treatment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In part, this is because many of the countries individuals are attempting to immigrate from simply do not have a good healthcare infrastructure. Hence, it follows readily why seeking healthcare when being deported back home would be discouraged. Many lawmakers are calling this a great win for public health. Our team of lawyers here at Gehi & Associates agree! We care about the community and want everyone –especially those most vulnerable– to get the best quality care possible.

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